Father Saylor Council
Allen Park, MI

Brenda’s Home Cooking – Mondays in Member Lounge

brenda from brendas home cooking

What a pleasant surprise to learn that Brenda has a passion for cooking and brought her secret
recipes to the Lounge for everyone to enjoy. In July of 2022, Brenda started hosting Monday
night specials that she prepares herself. Ask anyone who has had one of her meals….absolutely
Here is a taste of her past meals with sides included:

Chicken Sliders

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Lasagna Shephard’s Pie

Fried Bologna Sandwiches
Pasties Rueben Sandwiches

Chicken and Dumplings
Stuffed Shells

Club Sandwiches Gyros

…..with many more to come. Get this….it only costs around $9.00 for a very generous meal. If
you want to take a break from the kitchen or the same old carry outs, come and join us on
Mondays. You will not be disappointed. First come, first serve. Get it while it is hot and
available. THANK YOU BRENDA!