Father Saylor Council
Allen Park, MI

Faith in Action in Your Life

Catholics, guided by the words of St. John Paul II in 1995, must steadfastly commit to the defense of life in all its stages and conditions. The urgency of preserving a culture of life in our world today cannot be overstated. The Knights of Columbus, unwaveringly dedicated to upholding the sanctity of life, vigorously defends the dignity of every individual at every phase of existence. Through these vital programs, councils and parishes can actively contribute to the cultivation of a culture of life and the advancement of a civilization of love, embodying the core principles of the Knights of Columbus.

Discover our Life Programs, dedicated to upholding the sanctity of life and embodying the core values and beliefs cherished by the Knights of Columbus.

Aid and Support after Pregnancy

Extend your support to pregnant women, mothers, and their precious babies by actively engaging with pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes, aligning with our deep-rooted Catholic beliefs.

Novena For Life

Lead your community in a spiritual crusade to establish a culture of life, guided by the profound Catholic virtues and principles upheld by the Knights of Columbus.

March for Life

Demonstrate your public support for the fundamental right to life, emphasizing the significance of our Catholic religion and its core teachings.

Special Olympics

Celebrate the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, embodying the Catholic virtues and beliefs that define the Knights of Columbus.


Save lives and empower women to witness the beauty of their unborn children through cutting-edge ultrasound technology, aligning with the principles of our Catholic faith.

Christian Refugee Relief

Extend a helping hand to persecuted and at-risk Christians facing genocide worldwide, particularly in the Middle East, reflecting the compassionate spirit of our Catholic religion.

Mass for People with Special Needs

Create a warm and welcoming environment for individuals and families who may not typically feel comfortable attending a regularly scheduled Mass, embracing the inclusive values of our Catholic faith.

Pregnancy Center Support

Provide invaluable spiritual and material support to mothers, fathers, and their children both before and after birth, living out the Catholic virtues and beliefs dear to the Knights of Columbus.

Silver Rose

Share the story and message of Our Lady of Guadalupe and promote a profound respect for life through this enlightening pilgrimage, embodying the powerful story that lies at the heart of our Catholic faith.