Father Saylor Council
Allen Park, MI

Faith in Action in Your Family

Father McGivney’s vision, foundational to the Knights of Columbus, aimed to fortify the familial bond between fathers and mothers and foster a deeper connection between children and parents. This mission extends beyond mere financial and material support, encompassing the crucial aspect of spiritual strength. In a world where the majority of our time is often immersed in secular activities, we must deliberately create avenues to embrace the concept of the domestic church. These specially curated programs, crafted by and for families, are instrumental in helping us answer this call, promoting family prayer, and nurturing the fraternal spirit cherished by the Knights of Columbus.

Explore our Family Programs, designed to strengthen the bonds of faith and community within the Knights of Columbus and among our members.

Consecration to the Holy Family

Extend a heartfelt invitation to each parish family to consecrate themselves to the Holy Family, embracing Catholicism beliefs and nurturing their faith journey.

Food for Families

Join us in the mission to combat hunger in communities across North America, exemplifying the core values cherished by the Knights of Columbus and its members.

Family Fully Alive

Support families in placing God and their faith at the heart of their daily lives, fostering a deeper connection with Catholicism beliefs.

Family of the Month

Each month, our council selects a Family of the Month from our parish, recognizing those who embody Christian family values and actively live them every day.

Family of the Year

Annually, our council honors a Family of the Year from our parish, celebrating those who exemplify Christian family values and consistently demonstrate them in their lives.

Family Prayer Night

Foster a sense of unity as families of council members and other Catholic families come together for prayer, dinner, and fellowship, embracing the tradition of family prayer.

Family Week

Dedicate a special week to celebrate the significance of our families, emphasizing the importance of family prayer and Catholicism beliefs.

Good Friday Family Promotion

Encourage families to deepen their practice and understanding of our Catholic faith and the triduum, nurturing their connection to Catholicism beliefs.

Keep Christ in Christmas

Promote the true spirit of Christmas in our homes, schools, parishes, and communities, embodying the values upheld by the Knights of Columbus and its members.