Father Saylor Council
Allen Park, MI

Faith in Action - What We Do For The Community As Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus provides a platform for men to lead their families and communities in faith and service, putting their Catholic virtues into action. Within this esteemed organization, Knights of Columbus members, along with their parishes and families, have the unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference through 32 Supreme Council-recommended programs. These initiatives encompass charitable endeavors, donations to charities, family prayer, and support for programs like “Food for Families,” all of which are designed to exemplify the core values of K of C while benefiting your council and the greater community


Our mission is to fortify men and their families in the Catholic faith, emphasizing the importance of nurturing deep connections with a loving God and His Son, Jesus Christ. The programs in this category, such as family prayer and the cultivation of Catholic virtues, are thoughtfully crafted to bring us closer to God and foster a genuine bond with the Church, manifesting our commitment as members of the K of C in tangible and profound ways.


Knights are called to be dedicated servants of others. Our foremost principle is Charity, which we practice not only within our families but also in our communities. When Knights of Columbus members join forces through their council and parish, they come together to achieve significant and positive impacts within their communities.


Father McGivney’s vision was to reinforce the familial bond, nurturing the connection between fathers and mothers, as well as children and parents. This vision encompassed not just financial and material support but also the spiritual fortification of families. In a world where most of our time is devoted to secular pursuits, it’s vital to intentionally establish practices that allow us to cultivate our homes as domestic churches. These specially crafted programs, designed for families by families, provide invaluable guidance in answering this divine call, promoting family prayer and the spiritual well-being of households.


“Catholics must be committed to the defense of life in all its stages and in every condition” (St. John Paul II, 1995). The urgency of the threat to a culture of life in our world cannot be misunderstood. The Knights of Columbus vigorously defends the dignity of each human being at every stage of life. Councils and parishes can work to build a culture of life and a civilization of love through these important programs.