Father Saylor Council
Allen Park, MI

Faith in Action - Your Faith

At the Knights of Columbus, our primary objective is to fortify men and their families in the Catholic faith. Our approach to faith formation transcends the acquisition of mere facts or religious routines; it aims for an authentic connection with a loving God and His Son, Jesus Christ, rooted in the core principles of the Catholic religion. The programs within this category are thoughtfully crafted to facilitate a tangible and meaningful journey, drawing us closer to God and the Church, embodying the spirit of the Knights of Columbus while embracing Catholic prayers and values.

Explore our Faith Programs, thoughtfully designed to deepen the spirituality of Knights of Columbus members and strengthen their connection to the Catholic faith.

Pilgrim Icon

Embrace the opportunity to spread devotion to St. Joseph while praying for the courage to uphold our mission of protecting, defending, and nurturing future generations within the Knights of Columbus.

Holy Hour

Encourage a profound personal encounter with God through our Holy Hour program, fostering a deeper connection to Catholic prayers and spiritual reflection.

Refund Support Vocations

Play a vital role in keeping the faith alive by offering support to seminarians and postulants, contributing to the cultivation of future religious leaders within the Knights of Columbus.

Building Domestic Church Kiosk

Help fortify families as the domestic church by providing exceptional religious education materials, promoting the practice of the holy rosary prayer, and enriching the sacramental gifts for all Catholics.

Spiritual Reflection

Participate in annual opportunities for prayer and reflection, coming together as a fraternity to deepen your spirituality and reflect on the religious faith in the world.

Into the Breach

A program aimed at enhancing the spirituality and formation of our members, empowering them to confront the prevailing crisis of religious faith in the world.


Build faithful families and communities through the power of rosary prayer, a cornerstone of Catholic devotion and spirituality.

Sacramental Gifts

Support families during the most significant events in the life of the domestic church by enhancing their experience of the sacraments, strengthening their bond with Catholic prayers, and fostering spiritual growth.